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​​Creating works just for you

Okadakisara isTake pictures of your favorite city.

3 Services


business trip photography

Create works just for you

Basic plan information

Shooting fee: ¥30,000~Tax excluded

(¥33,000~ without tax)

Shooting time 1 hour, delivery number 4, transportation expenses not included


architectural photography

When I look back on the city years later

Basic plan information

photographyShadow fee: ¥15,000~taxpull out

(¥16,500~ including tax)

Shooting time 1 hour, delivery number 10, transportation expenses not included


city report

Rediscover your city

Basic plan information

Shooting fee: ¥30,000~Tax excluded

(¥33,000~ without tax)

Two sets of photos and a report of about 200 characters,Transportation fee not included

longAbout shooting time

We will prepare a separate quotation.

​ Depending on the business trip destination, it may not be possible to shoot on the same day. In that case, we will prepare a profitable quotation that is different from the basic plan. Please feel free to contact us.

intercourseAbout travel expenses

It depends on your travel destination.

For example, the 23 wards of Tokyo charge a flat rate of ¥2,000. Also, please note that you will be responsible for the actual cost of admission fees, etc.

paymentAbout product media

Basically, data will be given.

The work to be delivered will be beautifully finished and handed over. Please note that we do not hand over the original data. I also support printing. Please contact us.

ohAbout payment

We ask for bank transfer or PayPal.

​Please note that if you use a bank transfer, you will be responsible for the transfer fee. A receipt will be provided in PDF format. Please feel free to tell us.

Go gameRequest flow

①Go to inquiry form

Please fill in the following three items in the "Inquiry Form" and send it to us. .

・ Desired service

・Specify the shooting location

・Preferred date and time of shooting (approximate period is fine)

​・Use purpose

​We will reply with an estimate later.



​Is it okay if I sell it as goods or print it?


​We apologize for the inconvenience.For requests for commercial purposes, please contact us separately.


There is a problem with the delivery data...!


We are sorry, but we do not take any responsibility or compensation for any troubles after delivery. note that.


May I accompany you on the shoot?


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you refrain from accompanying us or meeting with us unless absolutely necessary. note that.


What is the delivery method?


It will be sent by data flight.

We will respond if specified. There is an additional charge for printing.


Is it okay to post it on your website or SNS?


​There is no problem for personal enjoyment. In that case, I would appreciate it if you could fill in the credit of Okadakisara.


Is it possible to deliver other than data?


It is possible. Please contact us by all means.

Please note that an additional charge will be incurred for the original print.


​I might ask you to stay...


I would like to propose an estimate again. Please feel free to contact us as we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.


I want to cancel the shooting...


A cancellation fee will be charged. 14 days before the shooting date, we will refund the full amount, and 13 days to 3 days before, we will refund 30%. 2 days before, you will have to pay the full amount.


Thank you for submitting.

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